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About the book:

 Queen Teuta of Illyria was not only a famous Warrior Queen that lived almost two hundred years before Cleopatra, but her love for King Agron was one of the most legendary love stories in history. BESA PO is inspired by the true story of love, loss, betrayal, victory and defeat.  

         BESA is a code of honor, a promise to protect someone or a Kingdom even with their life. PO is the word YES in Illyrian. Queen Teuta gave her BESA PO to King Agron and the people of Illyria. During the years of 231 BC to 227 BC, in order to fulfill her promise after the Kings tragic death, she challenged the mighty Roman Army and Navy. The Romans learned of her fierceness and skill in battle suffering humiliating defeats. They feared her, turned her own flesh and blood against her, captured her Kingdom but never captured her. 

         Venture back into ancient times and discover Queen Teuta’s story, a love so deep it spans the ages, leadership so compelling that Rome was put to shame.  One of the first women to rise to power in the Kingdom of men.

About the author:

Hana Noka is an international model, actress, filmmaker, and author of Kosovan-Albanian descent.

Hana started her career in modeling and acting at a young age. Despite her busy life as a child model and actress, Hana always took her education seriously. She graduated from Griffith College Dublin, in Ireland with a BA (Hons) Degree in Journalism and Visual Media. Hana relocated to America to pursue acting, filmmaking, and writing.

As an admirer of strong women in history, Hana was drawn to the stories of the Ancient Illyrian women. She felt compelled to tell the story of the great leader Queen Teuta who ruled Illyria, which encompassed the modern day nations of the Balkans from 231 BC to 227 BC. It is her hope that the story of Queen Teuta will inspire women around the world just as it has inspired her. Hana lives in Los Angeles and  speaks several languages, including Albanian, English, Croatian, and Turkish.


Readers’ Favorite 5 Star rating review:

Besa Po by Hana Noka takes us readers back in time to the age of the Roman Empire. But, this book follows the life of Queen Teuta of fabled Illyria and recounts the love she has for King Agron. However, she is a warrior in her own right and is driven by a “besa po”, a strong oath or promise to defend her homeland against the Roman invaders. Queen Teuta suffers great personal loss at the hands of the Romans, the military superpower of their times, and faces betrayal by members of her own family. Will she be able to battle the Romans on equal terms and save her people…